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Got pet pooper scooper business questions? We've got answers! Whether you are new to being a pooper scooper or already established. Below are some informative links, tips, and strategies to help your pooper scooper business become more successful. 


What Are Professional Pooper Scoopers
Professional pooper scoopers provide weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly pet waste cleaning services for pet owners who are unwilling, unable, or just want to enjoy their yard and pets without the hassle of cleaning up after them. They also serve businesses and parks to provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for everyone.


Reasons to Start a Pooper Scooper Business
The poop scooping industry is about three decades old, with over 300 companies in the United States and Canada. For millions of dog-lovers who need help to keep up with this disagreeable but unavoidable duty, professional pooper scoopers ease the burden with affordable and manageable options. Other than the money that can be made from picking up dog waste professionally, additional reasons to start a pet waste removal business include:


  • Working outside
  • Setting your individual hours
  • Reducing groundwater pollution
  • Contributing to a healthy environment


Professional dog waste cleanup services offer cost-effective solutions for pet owners who cannot or do not want to clean up after their dogs.


Setting Rates and Income Potential
Most professional pooper scoopers charge depending on the number of dogs, the frequency of dog waste pick-up, and the size of the yard being cleaned. Average fees are $7.50 to $15.00 per dog per week. You can also charge for additional services, such as large yards, treating brown spots on the grass, and deep cleaning patios. Depending on your energy and drive, growing your business to produce an annual income potential of $30,000 to $45,000 is highly likely.


Understanding Licensing, Certification, Bonding, and Legal Requirements
The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws), organized in 20013, is a trade association of professional animal waste specialists that increases awareness of the importance of proper animal waste disposal. Members uphold strict standards of the proper care and treatment of animals. Other licensing, bonding, certification, and legal requirement to understand include the following:


  • Insurance. You should have liability insurance to cover getting hurt or bitten on the job, if you cause damage to a client’s home, or if the pet gets out of the yard and sustains injuries.
  • Licensing. To determine which licenses and permits you need, visit S. Small Business Administration.
  • Certification. 1st aid and animal CPR are helpful certifications, but not requirements.
  • Bonding. It is always a good idea to be bonded to protect your business in the event of theft claims.


Call your local city offices for business license requirements, animal waste disposal guidelines, certificates of occupancy, dump fees, and DBA filings.


Business Options
There are hundreds of professional pooper scoopers in the U.S., with plenty of room for additional services in myriad cities. Lifestyle trends are accelerating the demand for professional pooper scooper services. Client profiles include busy executives, traveling professionals, physically challenged individuals, and thousands of people who simply have better things to do than clean up their dog's waste.


If you decide to organize your own business, you could potentially earn enough money annually to expand your company after you establish a few hundred weekly clients. Another option is to buy one of the many franchise opportunities, such as:



Keep in mind that you will need pre-approval to purchase a franchise, in addition to having some access to funds.


Equipment Requirements
Disposal methods vary according to customer preferences and local regulations. Whether you bag the waste and place it in the customer’s trashcan, compost it, or dispose of it at EPA-regulated facilities, you will need basic equipment to handle the job safely and sanitarily. Consider an initial investment of about $250 to purchase the following items:


  • Multi-part receipt books
  • Hand trowels, face dust masks, gloves
  • Shovels, brooms, rakes, and lobby-style dustpans
  • Credit card reader, such as Square or PayPal Here
  • Garbage bags, buckets, and trashcans with tight-fitting lids
  • Computer software to track accounts and business-related expenses, such as Scooper’s Data and Invoicing System


While any vehicle will work for hauling equipment and pet waste, a pickup truck is the best way to transport everything without the odor permeating the inside of your auto.


Advertising and Marketing Tips
When you begin marketing your business, make sure to advertise to all levels of residential and commercial clients, not just the obvious affluent customers. Customers from all economic levels are normally willing to pay for this service. Consider advertising on your vehicle, and placing flyers and business cards at local doggie day cares, veterinarian offices, and groomers. Emphasize the benefits of your services, such as a clean and healthy yard, convenience, and no offensive waste bin. Make sure to create a website, blog and online store to provide easy access and information for potential customers. You don’t need to have design skills with free website builders, such as Wix and Weebly.


If you are a dog lover, and are looking for a unique business opportunity, consider becoming a professional pooper scooper. This home-based business opportunity can provide an excellent source of income!