Direct Selling Pet Products

What is Direct Selling? 

Direct selling companies are another type of business that will pay you to recommend their products to your clients. See, direct selling companies do not offer their products in retails stores. Instead you purchase their products through their reps. Direct selling is all done through word of mouth. So if you're already recommending products to your clients as a pet professional or if you are just a pet lover and want to get involved in direct sales to help pets we can show you step by step how to be successful.


To sign up as a rep you just choose which pet related direct selling company you want to join. It's very low cost to get started, typically between $150-$299 depending on which company and which start up kit you choose. All of their start up kits are amazing and provide you with everything you need to get up and going. Direct selling is extremely flexible which makes it easy to naturally blend it into your current pet business.


Which pet direct selling companies are the best?

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Direct Sales Pet Products