Dog Breeds

Want to learn more about the different dog breeds. We have made it easy by breaking them down in the most popular groups.
yorkie- Small Dog Breed- Under 25 lbs

cocker spaniel Medium Dog Breeds - Under 40 lbs

great danes Large Dog Breeds - approx 50 lbs plus

scottish deerhound not groomed Giant Breed Dogs - Over 100 lbs

chinese_crested1Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

doberman pinscher Guard Dogs vs Watch Dogs

labrador-retriever-03  Black Dog Breeds

labrador-retriever-03 White Dog Breeds

labrador-retriever-03 Chocolate | Brown Dog Breeds

labrador-retriever-03Blue Dog Breeds

labrador-retriever-03 Red Dog Breeds

labrador-retriever-03 Grey Dog Breeds


AKC (7) Groups of Dogs
If you are a breeder who is interested in showing your dogs, here is a list of AKCs (7) dog groups.

  1. Toy Group
  2. Terrier Group
  3. Working  Group
  4. Herding Group
  5. Hound Group
  6. Sporting Group
  7. Non-Sporting Group