Cleft Palate

What is Cleft Palate in Puppies?
A cleft palate results when the bones forming the roof of the mouth do not grow normally. This results in an opening in the roof of the mouth that communicates into the nasal cavity. The opening can range in size and location in the mouth.

Symptoms of Cleft Palate?
Puppies with cleft palate can't nurse or latch onto the mom. Any milk entering the mouth will come out the nose. If you see a puppy that is always falling off or just "mouthing" at the moms tit, isn't interested in eating, keeps getting isolated from the litter, or milk coming out through the nose then most likely the puppy has a cleft palate and you need to get it to the vet right away. Do NOT wait.


Is Cleft Palate Contagious?
No, a puppy that has cleft palate can not give it to another puppy. Cleft palate is something they are born with. It is a birth defect where the roof of their mouth didn't develop properly.


How Do I Know if My Puppy Has Cleft Palate?
You actually can visually see most cleft palates when you open and look at the roof of the puppies mouth. If your not familiar with what cleft palate looks like you can either compare the struggling puppies mouth with the rest of the litter to see if their is a difference or you can also google 'photos of cleft palates in puppies" to familiarize yourself with what your looking for.  Either way, if the puppy is unable to nurse the mother you must get to the vet IMMEDIATELY! All newborn puppies should have a nice strong suction and be able to nurse easily.


Treatment for Cleft Palate?
Most of the time the puppy will need to be euthanized. If your puppy has cleft palate PLEASE euthanize the puppy if there is nothing the vet can do for it ~ DO NOT let it die out on it's own. That death is cruel, painful, and really sad to watch. Let the vet peacefully and quickly put the puppy to rest and humanely ends its horrible suffering.  

Disclaimer: We are NOT licensed vets. DO NOT try to diagnose or treat animals based off this or any other information you find on the internet.  If you pet is having any kind of medical issues, please seek professional treatment from a licensed vet who is trained and set up to handle such matters..