What is Distemper?
Distemper KILLS over 1/2 the puppies that get it. Extremely deadly and brutal disease! Distemper is a tragic viral disease that attacks the gastrointestinal tract & respiratory system. This disease is difficult to survive. It's nickname is "The Great Masquerader."


Symptoms of Distemper?
At first the symptoms resemble a mild cold and sometimes even go unnoticed by many owners or they will just watch the puppy to see if it passes. Then after a few days pass, you might see ~ discharge from their eyes, nose, depression, coughing, loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea. Then usually within 1 ~ 3 weeks (if the puppy has survived the disease that long) the virus will begin to attack the nervous system causing things like twitching, partial paralysis, shaking their head, seizures which progressively get worse until the puppy's body gives up. Families often choose to euthanize the puppy due to the severe cruelty of the disease and the very low survival rate.


Is Distemper Contagious?
Yes, it's highly contagious and commonly causes death because there is no treatment or cure if they get it. The only way the virus can be treated is through the dogs own immune system. Even if the dog does recover, there is a high chance of relapse. So I can not express enough how critical it is to  keep your pet current on ALL its vaccinations.


How Do I Know if My Puppy Has Distemper?
Go to the vet, they have ways of testing for it.


What is the Treatment for Distemper?
There is no specific treatment except hospitalization or support care. The death rate and cruel suffering is so intense that most families will just put the dog to peace through euthanasia.


How Did My Puppy Get Distemper?
Distemper is passed through basic body secretions. The Distemper virus can live on inanimated objects or pass through the air, so the puppy does not have to be in direct contact with the affected animal to catch it.


How Can I Prevent Distemper?
Making sure your puppy is current on all vaccinations is a fantastic way to get your puppy highly protected against the Distemper virus. Until your puppy is fully vaccinated, (meaning they have had ALL their puppy shots, not just one) it is strongly recommended NOT to take them to places where alot of possibly sick dogs come and go such as: petstores, parks, public grass, your front yard, grooming parlors, training classes, etc.........


What Age Will My Puppy Most Likely Get Distemper?
3 - 6 months of age but dogs of all ages can get it, especially if they are not vaccinated. It's so important that you make sure your puppy gets all 3 of it's vaccines by 16 weeks so they are protected.

..Disclaimer: We are NOT licensed vets. DO NOT try to diagnose or treat animals based off this or any other information you find on the internet.  If you pet is having any kind of medical issues, please seek professional treatment from a licensed vet who is trained and set up to handle such matters.