Puppy Vaccination Schedule


How Many Vaccines do Puppies Need?
Puppies need (3) vaccinations every 3 to 4 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. Most puppies will get what is called a basic combo also known as a 5-way or a 5-1. Once the puppy has received all 3 vaccines then you will just need to take the puppy back once a year to stay current. 


What Age Do Puppies Get Rabies Vaccine?
Rabies is usually given at 16 weeks old then at 1 year old. After that - every 3 years.


How Often Do Puppies Need Bordetalla? 
The vaccine Bordetalla is to prevent your pet from getting Kennel cough. The vaccine is short lived. They recommend giving bordetalla every 6 months, however, there is no reason to give your puppy bordetalla unless its constantly being exposed to the virus. If your pet goes out to public places or boarding facilities where alot of animals come and go such as: puppy preschool, dog obedience classes, dog parks, doggie daycare, dog shows, being admitted into the hospital for surgery etc...then it's a good idea to keep your pet current on bordetalla. Also, most grooming places will require your pet be current on the bordetella vaccine before they will let you make a grooming appt. 


(2) Examples of Recommended Schedules 

Example #1
8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks then Rabies


Example #2
6 weeks, 10 weeks, 14 weeks, then Rabies

As you can see, there are several different schedules. As long as the puppy gets 3 sets of shots between 6 weeks and 16 weeks with no more than 3 to 4 weeks apart. This will give your puppy the most protection. Then make sure to keep your pet current on vaccines by having them receive their yearly vaccine recommended by vets. Just talk to your vet about what schedule is best for your puppy.  Rabies Vaccination is given at about 16 weeks of age then again at  1 year old, then usually once every 3 years after that. Alot of vets will have you make an appt to get your puppies last vaccine, rabies and have it spayed and neutered all at once at about 16 weeks of age. There are so many health benefits to having your pet spayed and neutered young. 


Are Puppy Vaccinations Really that Important?
Yes, absolutely! The Vaccines that are injected into your puppy actually "teach" the immune system what the disease organisms looks like. This gives your puppy a huge advantage because once the body is familiar with these organisms it can create what's called "anti-bodies."  These anti-bodies are awesome! Anti-bodies basically act as an "army" that will go to war for your puppies immune system and help fight off those Life Threatening diseases. Vaccines also helps decrease the diseases in the overall dog population. If you don't vaccinate your puppy, you ARE leaving them Completely UNPROTECTED & therefore at SERIOUS risk. If they come across any of the common deadly diseases, their body WON'T be prepared to fight ~ So their chances of survival are slim.

Disclaimer: We are NOT licensed vets. DO NOT try to diagnose or treat animals based off this or any other information you find on the internet.  If you pet is having any kind of medical issues, please seek professional treatment from a licensed vet who is trained and set up to handle such matters.